A certified trauma-informed stress & nervous system coach.

I am here to help you free yourself from feeling stuck, stressed out and overwhelmed and to guide you to reconnect with the wisdom of your body so that you can build resilience within and feel empowered to live a life of ease & fulfilment.

You are not broken, you do not need fixing. I truly believe that you have everything you need within you, sometimes we just need a little bit of extra love & support to get us there.

My approach is gentle, compassionate and solution-focused.  We will work with both the body (bottom up) and the mind (top down) to become aware of what is present for you, how past trauma might still be affecting you and create a roadmap ahead for your beautiful healing and expansion. 

What I love most about this work is that it is forward-looking but in a way that doesn’t at all neglect or bypass what we are experiencing within, yet it also doesn’t involve reliving or rehashing the past. We only need to work with what is presenting itself within us now in order to heal .

hey, i'm laura

A little bit about me...

I have been where you are, I know how it feels.

I was living my life at 100mph throughout my teenage years and into my early twenties. I pushed through some traumatic experiences and allowed my perfectionist, high achieving parts to take the driving seat of my life until eventually my body + nervous system just couldn't cope anymore. This state of chronic stress & anxiety caused my body to shut itself down completely, in an attempt to protect me from causing further harm to myself.

I ignored the messages that my body was sending me because I had no clue what they meant or how to start addressing them.

This is why I am SO passionate about this work. My greatest desire is to show you that you don't have to keep living like this. You are capable of reconnecting to your resilient self and living a life of ease.

Today I feel healthier, happier and more connected to myself than ever and I would so love the same for you.

I've got you - are you ready to stop merely surviving and to start thriving?

With love always X

My Training & Credentials

Take a deep dive into your unique nervous system, get
to the root of what is keeping you stuck & become truly
resilient & empowered to live a life that is aligned with
your most authentic self.

- Certified Mind & Body Practitioner

- Certified Holistic Life Coach

- Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Mentorship - Embody Lab

- Vagus Nerve Masterclass 

- Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certification - Embody Lab

Are you ready to live a life of true              ease and fulfilment?